New Year, New Goals

Shredfit Online personal training get in the best shape of your life

This New Year STOP making Resolutions and START setting Goals! 
With every goal you set you should start big (but realistic) and then work your way down to granular, daily action steps to get you there. If you focus and are intentional with your daily mindset and actions any goal is possible. 
There are six areas of focus for a full life transformation and in each section, you’ll find that, although these goals and action steps vary; together they should all benefit your vision for your best life and make the entire process more enjoyable. 
Your goals in each area will of course be individualized to you, so take some time to create the vision of the life you want. If you need help thinking of specifics, look at the examples in each area below.
Shredfit Online personal training get in the best shape of your life

You’ve got this! 

Physical Health- Weight loss, weight gain, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, sleep, healing 
Career & Entrepreneurship- Achievements, relationships, partnerships, certifications, education, sales numbers, awards, knowledge, skillsets 
Family & Relationships- Healing, forgiveness, socialization, friends, family, romantic relationships, children, boundaries 
Service & Contribution- Volunteer, generosity, donate, mentor, teach, coach 
Personal & Spiritual Development- Peace of mind, emotional strength, positive perspective, mindset, forgiveness, healing, spiritual connection 
Prosperity & Possessions- Money, home, car, travel, technology, apparel 



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